Dancing with the moon, magnets and zen.


The moon has been an intimate partner of our Earth for billions of years, each dancing around the other, together traveling around the Sun. Gravity attracts all things together. It is the weakest of the four fundamental forces in nature. So weak, for example, that one of the other 3 forces, electromagnetism, can hold a fridge magnet on, well, your fridge, against the force of the gravity of the entire Earth. A little magnet triumphs over the entire world! Yet, somehow, gravity is like the tortoise and those cute alphabet magnets you bought are the hare…


So, our moon dances with us, pulling on our water keeping surfers happy, and entrances us with it’s beauty. We travel around the sun, yet its path isn’t elliptical, its a wavy ellipse, and much more so for the moon. It’s dance is a salsa and ours a slow waltz, and yet, somehow, the dance is the same one.

Zen is like this. Zen is the dance. The Universe’s dance. Sometimes it is a slow dance, filled with hidden kisses, sometimes it is a fast dance, like a salsa, full of raw yet controlled passion, sometimes it is furious, like dancing on ice! Sometimes, it is ugly, like Steve Martin’s rhythm in the movie ‘The Jerk’. Sometimes it is breakdancing, very funky! Zen, like all Buddhism, is, as it is said, the raft, to cross the river to the shore of Awakened-ment. This dance, this raft, infinite in its forms, has a singular function. A single focused purpose.

We all have our own dance. Many people have long forgotten it. It’s deeply private and unique and finding our own dance, our own path, is the only way we can cross the river. Sure, we can learn from watching others dance! Oh the joy sometimes! Sometimes we learn from copying someones beautiful dance, yet, in the end, we always must come back to our own dance if we ever want to cross the river.

Let’s together learn to look inside ourselves and find that way, our own inner dance… It’s always with us, never has left, yet so sneaky to see and find… yet we all have times when we know it, feel it, live it and embrace it…. We have no doubt, no thought, when we are dancing our dance. Often, we then become aware of the dancing, and it is like looking in a mirror, and we trip and fall, and realise how difficult it is to stand back up and keep dancing…

Like all things, it takes practice. Practice and more practice.

Zen helps guide us to find our dance. It gives us a direct way to find our dance. Actually, Zen perhaps isn’t a dance at all.. It is a dance partner…the best dance partner in the Universe!


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